Dear User, 

Law protects and provides you the right to obtain warranty for defects on product you purchase. Consequently, KLONER3D®,  adopt the necessary action to grant your right. Warranty period is different for private purchase or professional purposes purchase and is proved by showing a valid document of purchase relevant to the product  you require the guarantee.


For private purchase legal warranty cover 2 years period, starting form purchase date.

For professional/commercial  purposes purchase the client must indicate a valid VAT n. to fill  in purchasing invoice, in this case legal warranty cover 1 years period.

To ascertain the validly of warranty purchasing proof must be showed.
Assistance Procedure is detailed in ATTACHED n. 1.
The following terms will be applied regardless of whether are “private purchaser” or “professional/commercial  purchaser”.


KLONER3D® warrants that all products are free of any defect in materials or workmanship for the period of warranty. In event of failure during the mentioned period, KLONER3D® assist users to repair or replace the defective product. 

This warranty is valid for purchasing in UE.
Free assistance is provided only upon submission of original or copy of invoice.
Is at KLONER3D® sole discretion and option to repair or to replace the defective product, it could be substitute with item with similar features.


Warranty validity period is one or two years as for the above premise.

Free technical assistance in warranty period is provided by KLONER3D® authorized staff.
Client is ALWAYS in charge for shipping cost of assistance.


KLONER3D®  does not warrant and is not responsible for:
·         Periodic inspections, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts as a result of natural wear and tear;
·         Consumables ( printing bed surface, etc.);
·         Items subject to wear and tear, mainly the nozzle;
·         Faults caused by alterations carried out without the KLONER3D® approval;
·         Costs incurred for changes or works necessary to adapt the product to specific technical or safety requirements, or regulations of countries, as well as              costs incurred to adapt the product to operating conditions changed after the delivery of it;
·         Damage due to non-compliance of product by regulations or technical specifications of country different from which it has been purchased.

The repair service is excluded if damage or defects caused by:
·         Improper use, wear, tampering by unauthorized personnel or negligence in use of the product different than indicated in user manual and / or other                   documents specifically related use, including without limitation, incorrect storage, dropping or excessive impacts;
·         Wear and tear dirt, water, sand;
·         Reparation, updating or cleaning carried out by unauthorized persons;
·         Damage due to unauthorized spare parts or software;
·         Not original Shipping Package (including inside equipment protection) and not proper package in event of sending back single part (as sprinter head,                  etc.);
·         Damages or crashes whose cause can not be ascribed to KLONER3D® including, but not limited to lightning, water fire, natural catastrophe improper                ventilation.


Items must be sent back for assistance in full original packaging, andled with care, cover by insurance, including invoice as requested in ATTACHED 1.
Parts for replacement will be send after the receipt and control of defective items. The reparation time depends on parts availability. However, in case of defective parts replaced, the client can remove it and send it back for replacement  ONLY prior approval from the Assistance Dept.


It may be available some warranty extensions which can be purchased with reference to a KLONER3D® printers, the terms and condition must be specified in client’s offer.
This WARRANTY DOCUMENTS REV. 2 DTD 22/2/2016 and his attached are tacitly accepted simultaneously accepting one of our offers or sending an order.

In case of dispute, it will be the competent Court of Florence. The contract will be governed by Italian law.


ATTACHED 1 (REV. 2 DTD 22/02/2016)

If Client needs assistance under warranty period or not should write email to support@kloner3d.com with the following MANDATORY information:

- Detailed description of failure, also sending photo to explain better;
- Printer model (like KLONER3D®120);
- Serial Number;
- Copy of purchasing proof (invoice, delivery note);
- Telephone number and email reference.

If one or more of the above information are missing the Service Dept. cannot proceed.
If everything is correct, Service Dept.  will take care of request asap and will inform client how to proceed.

If a part is in failure client is allowed to disassemble it only under explicitly permission by the Service Dept.
Parts as replacement will be send only after check of defective parts.
Expected repair time or sending parts depends on spare parts stock availability.
Service Dept. may allow client to send back the whole instruments to repair, in any case in compliance with the EQUIPMENT WARRANTY document conditions.
Before sending back any item client have to ask for RMA. The RMA n. must be clearly showed on the packaging. Delivery Note Document must follow the package, it must be issued as for RMA information and have to mention RMA n. reference.
Products must be sent back in original packaging (including inside protections) with no alterations.

KLONER3D® is not responsible for any damage or defect not mentioned in RMA request.
KLONER3D® is allowed to reject the delivery in following cases:

·         Absence of RMA reference on the packaging;
·         Not original packaging or alternated packaging.

Client have to send back the products within 10 days form RMA acceptance date.
All shipping cost are ALWAYS in charge of client.

Failure evaluation and offer times vary according to the workloads and to spare parts stock availability.
If is necessary substitution of parts not under warranty period, Service Dept.  is allowed to proceed only after client’s written offer acceptance.
As soon as the products are ready for delivery Service Dept.  Inform client in order to arrange back delivery.


Even if the warranty has expired, client can ask for assistance. Clients should write an email to support@kloner3d.com to determine the problem and request for a quote to repair the instrument or for a spare part. Client should describe the problem, specify the model of the instrument, serial n. and phone n. and email references for following  contact.
To issue the offer Service Dept. could ask  for  whole product sent back to evaluate the failure.
Failure first evaluation and offer issue has always a fix basic cost €30,00+taxes.
All shipping cost are ALWAYS in charge of clients

Failure evaluation and offer times vary according to the  workloads and to spare parts stock availability.
To confirm the repair or spare part sending client have to accept the offer sending a signed copy to KLONER3D® 

Only after payment receipt of the total amount due spare parts could be delivered to client.
Spare parts cost and replacement depend by the product model and by the type of parts specified on the offer.
Labor cost is € 50.00/hour + taxes.