Maximilian Turchi

Alessio Idoli

Susanna Brugnoli

Antonella Collini


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 Clevertek s.n.c.

The company conducts research and development in various fields. The goal is to find new technologies and transfer them into the design of new equipment and processes in order to simplify them.

 Theboxmodularsystem - TBMS

System developed by the Clevertek Group. Mechanical modular platform for the realization of systems in which it is required a movement of a three-axis arm.

 Officine Verdelli s.r.l.

Florentine company with historical background in the field of mechanical processing. Over the years it has gained experience in the hydroelectric, food and biomedical field counting prestigious collaborations with Universities and National Research Institutes.


Brand of Clevertek Group. It deals with design and implementation of electronic architectures, with particular attention to the development of modular systems.